Timba 1.1

Timba software program is computer game with the goal to resuce the boy king

Timba software program is a computer game designed to challenge any type of game lover. This program is based in the world of Timba that is inhabited by animals that reveal a detailed and rich history that the player needs to learn in order to rescue a child in peril.

In order to solve the levels of puzzles, the information that each animal provides must be put together in a manner that will reveal the path to the next level.

The goal of the game of Timba is to rescue the child who is the only hope for the future in this land. In addition, the player must also find the queen and return her to her throne while at the same time stopping the evil queen from taking over the land of Timba.

Along the way, there are many obstacles and challenges that need to be met. Strange crystal structures mysteriously surface from the waters of Heagaron.

As the player is searching for the special child, the evil queen is intent on destroying the child and the good queen. The good queen is hidden away somewhere frozen in time waiting to be freed by the player.